Little Shop of Horrors

At first, when Seymour (played by Rick Moranis) has to feed the bloodthirsty alien plant Audrey II he gives it some of his own blood. When that isn't enough he starts to feed it the bodies of bad people, but it isn't too long before the plant is hungry again. It starts to spiral out of control as the plant needs more and more fresh plasma. Murder threatens to beget more murder...

Because it involves a ridiculously overgrown flytrap this might sound like an unconventional story - and in some ways the details around the edges are out of left field - but Little Shop's core is fairly typical for a noir, where a devil climbs on our hero's shoulder and pushes him down a long slippery slope. In fact, if you replaced the murderous plant with a more humanoid tempter I could see this being a decent Coen brothers movie; they are quite partial to stories about how one barbaric act engenders more barbarity down the line...

Which makes me wonder: is murder the only crime that begets itself? We've all seen stories where someone has to be killed to cover up an earlier homicide, but where are the movies about theft begetting more theft, or adultery begetting more adultery? I suppose there are movies where someone has to steal back something that was taken from them, or movies about a cuckold who then turns around and cheats on his wife out of spite, but those don't offer the same ever-accelerating downward spiral that movies about homicide do; there tends to only be one option on the table about what can be stolen or slept with, so they  don't offer the same potential to grow exponentially out of control. Why is murder the Pringles of crimes - the one that you can't do just one of?

In Little Shop of Horrors the answer is obvious: because Audrey II is popping human bodies into her mouth like potato chips. If you've gotta eat then you gotta eat, and if you only eat meat then you have to keep finding meat. It makes more sense for this extraterrestrial plant to need to feed itself than it does for it to need to steal or commit adultery. As much as I would like to see a kleptomaniac plant walking around in a trenchcoat shoving knick knacks in it's pockets or a nymphomaniac plant waving around it's - nope, nevermind. Murder is probably the best thing for aliens to do to a human being, so let's keep it at that and forget that I said anything else.

Winner: Draw

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