This comedy is about two dumb blondes who accidentally stumble into being Deep Throat – the leak who blew open Watergate and ended Richard Nixon’s presidency – and it is kind of inexplicable. It came out in 1999, meaning that when it was in theaters the people who were old enough to remember Watergate would have been in their thirties, which is far too old to be interested in such a goofy trifle, and the people who were the right age for such it’s antics would have barely any knowledge of or interest in Richard Nixon. So who was this movie for?

This is not a knock on it, necessarily. The movie is charming, and as someone who likes light comedies and is fascinated with Nixon it was right up my alley. But I’m also a weirdo, and the combination that the film is trying to pull off is so inexplicable that I couldn’t stop thinking about how bizarre it is that this movie got made.

And not only did it get made, it got made with top shelf talent. Two of the Kids in the Hall are there, as well as at least four members of Saturday Night Live, before you get to the two leads – Kirsten Dunst and Michele Williams, both of whom went on to do a lot bigger movies after this. But what attracted all of these people to this script? It’s pleasant, but not laugh out loud funny; as enjoyable as the idea of feeding Nixon pot-brownies is, it isn’t the most outrageous joke imaginable.

Still, I’m glad that this exists. In fact, I kind of wish more movies like this existed. I would really like to see a whole series of them, where dumb blondes infiltrate Teddy Roosevelt’s White House and have to keep him from murdering every animal on the African plains, or where they have to teach Woodrow Wilson to be less of a racist. I don’t think those movies will ever get made, but I can at least dream.

Winner: Me

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