B-movies are getting churned out at such a rapid rate and with such uniformity that sometimes all you need to do to succeed is to have a good twist on the formula and then not fuck it up. I remember that movie about zombie sheep fondly (if a bit vaguely); the movie about a killer Santa Claus is better than it has any right to be; and Grabbers joins their ranks, because it’s gimmick – that the alien wants to eat us, but it cannot process alcohol, so it won’t eat us if we’re drunk all the time – is such a good gimmick and it doesn’t fuck it up.

Let’s be clear: saying that this doesn’t fuck it up doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The opening of this movie is almost identical to Sharknado which is not a promising way to start a movie. The two cops at the center of the story start to fall in love for no discernable reason. The monsters look like what would happen if an octopus fucked a tumbleweed, which is fine as far as monster designs go, but not earth-shattering by any means.

But none of that matters because the conceit of the movie is funny, and it executes that with enough charm to carry the whole thing. There’s something really funny about people huddled together in a bar blowing into a breathalyzer to figure out who is in the best shape to make an emergency run to the outside world, and a little bit of funny goes a long way in the world of 90 minute monster movies.

Now if only someone would make a movie about zombie sheep getting drunk - now that's a movie I would love to see...

Winner: Me

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