Honey I Shrunk the Kids

The title of this movie lets you know a few things. For one, even though the title implies both parents and children, its tipping its hand that the focus is clearly going to be on the kids. The title's cutesiness works if you imagine the kids treating getting shrunk as an adventure, but it doesn't work if you think about the parents who are going to be stressed out at what they've done to the people they've sworn to protect. (In fact, there's probably an alternate version of this movie to be made where the parents have to deal with the mortal dread that comes from finding out that your children have disappeared suddenly. That would be an interesting parallel to this, where Rick Moranis just combs the backyard with a magnifying glass in a mobile hammock.)


The title also implicitly implies that bugs will make an appearance. I suppose there could be an Innerspace-ish version of this movie where they get shrunk and put inside someone, but if they are going to be tiny and at loose in the world they are clearly going to have to fight ants or ant sized things. There aren't any mammals that are that small, and clearly the kids have to be contrasted with something that's naturally that big.


What this title does not imply is scorpions.


As I was watching this movie it was unspooling more or less as I expected it to. Predictably, the clearly dangerous machine in the mad scientist's workshop goes off 'unexpectedly'. The kids are, true to the title, shrunk. True to form bees show up as a threat, and later, ants show up as friends. But then out of nowhere a giant red scorpion attacks them while they are sleeping in a Lego block.


Are there scorpions who live in the grass? Are they indigenous to backyards in any part of America? Do they think of ants as food? What in the hell just happened? I'm not calling bullshit on this per se, I'm just saying that I reserve the right to call bullshit after some research occurs.


The first hour of this movie is totally fine kids-movie material, harmless but predictable, but that part really woke me up. That scorpion attack was the left-field turn that this movie needed and it single handedly pushed this movie out of being a pass into being a win.

Winner: Me

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