Wrong Cops

The first Quentin Dupieux movie I saw was called Rubber and it featured a sentient tire with the power to explode people’s heads rolling around the desert. The second Dupieux movie I saw was called Wrong and it featured a man who woke up one morning to discover that his dog had been kidnapped by a guru with a half-burned face who claimed to be able to psychically communicate with animals. This movie is about cops that sell drugs and hit on women inappropriately.

Phrasing it that way does Wrong Cops a bit of an injustice, because it is still pretty weird; the cop smuggles the weed he’s selling inside the chest cavity of dead rats that have been taped back together with duct tape, and when he runs out of rats he’s forced to use fish instead. I only put it that way to illustrate the gulf between this movie and Dupieux’s other movies, which were surrealist to the core. Wrong Cops has it’s fair share of oddness, but it feels more like a sketch comedy movie than the other two movies, and it falls victim to the uneven pacing problems that often befall sketch movies moreso than his earlier movies.

There are individual scenes here that are really funny, like when a one-eyed cop finds that a half dead stranger that has been dumped in his living room because no one wants to completely kill him or take him to a hospital has valuable input on the techno song he’s writing. But the lack of connecting tissue really did hurt the movie, and I was disappointed in all the low-hanging fruit that the movie plucked, given how singular a lot of the set-ups in Wrong and Rubber had been. There are a lot of people that could have made Wrong Cops, but I can’t imagine who else would have made Rubber.

I would still recommend this movie, but only to someone who has already seen the other two movies first.

Winner: Me

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