As I have gotten older I’ve had less and less patience for the very concept of royalty. I think a big part of it was having to live through Bush II’s administration and realizing: oh, just because your dad did this job doesn’t mean you should, too. However, it’s also because the more I read about politics the more I realize how tricky it is to manage the ecosystem that emerges from all the interacting and conflicting parts that make up a society, and how crucial it is for the people who we put in charge to be as competent as they can be so that those conflicts don’t cause us to self destruct. Creating a political system that empowers people for any reason other than competence seems dumb to me.

When the queen’s frost powers froze the entire kingdom in the middle of July, I was thinking: well, I hope you plan to pursue an aggressive agrarian policy to deal with the fact that sudden cold snaps in the middle of the growing season tend to kill most of the growing foodstuffs before they become harvestable. But no one in the movie addressed this point, perhaps because there were no attendants to the royal family who seemed like they were there to aid the queen in doing her official duties. In the absence of sensible advice on how to keep the peasants from starving, it is entirely possible that the young sheltered queen’s entire plan was “true love will feed us all”, which is not that far from “let them eat cake” in terms of it’s practicality.

All of which is a long way to say that I am probably not Frozen’s target audience, and since this movie is just not for me saying anything negative about it seems kind of Grinch-y. There’s nothing especially wrong with a Princess story for children, even if that’s emphatically not my bag.

Winner: I recuse myself

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