I grew up in the south, then went to college in Ohio and ultimately moved out to the west coast. Each of those moves lead to drastic turnovers in my social circle, and at the time some of those transitions were rather difficult. In retrospect, however, I think it worked out for the best, because unlike a lot of people who never left where they grew up I don't really have any vestigial friends. The people I socialize with are either people that I really want to keep up with or they are people that I met after I already knew who I was, so I don't have that many people around me that speak more to the person I used to be than the person I am now.

When Bachelorette came out it was compared to Bridesmaids a lot, mostly because they were both about women at weddings, but a more accurate comparison is actually Supderbad, because both Bachelorette and Superbad covered up their heartfelt examination of friendship with a coating of raunchy jokes. The four women at Bacheloette's core - the bride, her anal retentive maid of honor, and the two immature party animals who are getting a little too old to still be partying like they do - clearly went down different life paths a long time before the movie started, yet their fond memories of their time in high school make them want to pretend to like each other. Yes, there's a long funny scene set in a strip club in this movie, but there's also a lot of interesting stuff about the push and pull of being around people you kind of need help from but kind of can't stand anymore.

You could pick almost any pairing of these characters and get an interesting perspective on how relationships change, but the one that strikes the closest to home for me is the one between Joe and Katie. When they were in high school together Joe was so enamored with Katie that he let her take advantage of him even though she barely knew who he was. Now that they're older he's still attracted to her body but he's less sure how he feels about her personality. When they start to make out while they are both drunk he begs off, saying that he'd rather reschedule when they are both sober, which she doesn't understand because it seems like she's rarely sober. You can see him weighing his fantasy against the actual person in front of him, and yes, he wants to realize a long held dream, but he isn't as comfortable acting like a high schooler as Katie is, because he grew out of that phase of his life and she didn't. A lot of the sex talk in this movie is funny, but a lot of the actual sex is more emotionally complicated than what you'd expect from a movie that was billed as a comedy about girls gone wild.

Because I've had a couple of restarts in my adult life, I've weeded out a lot of the people that I used to like who weren't capable of maturing at the same rate that I am. Some of my other friends aren't so lucky, and they're trying to juggle their lives as parents with friends who are still bar hopping. While I wouldn't trade places with them in real life, I'd much rather see a movie about them than about me. There isn't anything too exciting about a small group of people who are united around the fact that they all want to be reasonable adults. Trainwrecks that are attached at the hip to stable people on the other hand...

Winner: Me

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