The Aristocats

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As a person who runs a cat-themed blog it might be obvious that I'm a cat person. This might be less obvious, but another key fact about me is that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the aristocracy. Normally these two parts of my personality do not come into play at the same time, but when I was watching the Aristocats the tension between these two facts flared up.

You see, the Aristocats is an old school Disney movie about an old lady who draws up a will that would leave all of her possessions to her cats, and when her butler finds out that he's getting passed over in favor of some animals he decides to get rid of his rivals. Now, on the one hand I have no love for someone who wants to be mean to a cat. On the other hand I'm a member of the working class and if I found out that my years of service were being ignored so that an animal that sleeps all day could inherit money it is incapable of spending I would be furious. But to return to the first hand: doesn't the butler realize that the cats won't actually control the checkbook, that he will be administering the accounts for them? But back to the second hand: at least he didn't try to murder them. (He put them in a basket in a field far from their house. Culture shock aside, they were fine.)

The Butler is clearly made out to be the villain but he has a better moral case for his actions; hard work should be rewarded, and cats are constitutionally incapable of working hard. Then again, the rules of property ownership clearly dictate that the old lady is free to dispose of her estate however she sees fit, so siding with the butler's underhanded scheme would provide a challenge to one of the fundamental tenets of capitalism. However, one of the guiding principles of human society from the start of civilization has been that humans are entitled to special privileges and considerations that animals are not, so perhaps siding with the cats over the human is attacking an even more basic moral principle?

I don't even know, man. I honestly don't. But I will say this: I do know that the song "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat" is pretty catchy. But on the other hand the part of that song where the Siamese cat pops up and sings racist garbage through his big yellow buckteeth was pretty upsetting. Oh no, I'm back to indecision!

Seriously though, this movie is fine.

But on the other hand...

Winner: Me

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