The Girl on the Train

Saw the Girl on the Train last night. Overall it was pretty solid, mostly because Emily Blunt’s lead performance is so compelling. That said: I should warn you that it doesn’t really stick the landing. The guy sitting next to me audibly guffawed during the big reveal at the movie’s end which is kind of the death-blow for any “who did it!?” mystery thriller. (I agreed with him that it was a laughable twist, but I did like the first 85% of the movie enough that I found myself giving the final 15% of the movie a bit of a pass.)

But I’m actually posting today not to write a real movie review but rather because I want to convey two quick anecdotes that happened pre-movie.

1.) Last week I saw a few interviews with Blunt where she talked about how her character was an hardcore alcoholic so I figured it would be fitting to smuggle one of those $4 juice boxes of wine into the movie. When I was checking out at the Fred Meyer that is near the theater the U-scan asked me for my discount card. As I was scanning it I suddenly realized that I only buy two things at that Freddy’s: wine I’m gonna smuggle into a movie and cat stuff. (I buy most of my groceries at the Trader Joes that’s two blocks from my house but TJ’s cat supply section is awful; one brand of dry food, no litter, no toys.) I have a feeling that whatever profile Freddy’s has built for me based on my card data is extreeeeemely flattering.

2.) In the ten minutes before the movie started I stopped by the Sizzle Pie Pizza that’s across from Living Room Theaters to get a quick slice. Now, I can totally understand why any customer service person who is doomed to the living hell that is interacting with whatever random rabble might be wandering down Burnside at any given moment would be surly but the guy last night took the f’n cake. I gave him $8 for a $7.50 order and got no change back – an annoyance, but one I could forgive. But I also gave him my punch card and he only punched it once even though I had ordered two slices. Now that is an affront that I cannot overlook; I take punch cards very seriously.

When I asked the cashier about it he immediately claimed he’d done it right, then when I started to politely object he shut me down by saying that he’d just give me some extra punches. He snatched my card from me and he proceeded to sarcastically give me an extra four punches across five spots on my card. I can’t tell if he thought he was really showing me who was boss – but if so, the joke’s on him because I really like free pizza.

(Free pizza and looking like a crazy cat lady, I guess.)

Winner: Me

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