Monster X Strikes Back: Attack at the G8 Summit

Watched a 2008 Japanese movie called Monster X Strikes Back: Attack at the G8 Summit last night. It was a pretty silly movie where a space monster named "Guilala" starts attacking Japan while it is in the middle of hosting an international diplomatic conference. Each of the world leaders (subtly named "Sorkozy" and "V. Pucchin", etc.) then takes turns trying to figure out how to beat the monster. One country (Italy, I think?) tries to lure Guilala into a volcano, and another (England?) tries to liquefy it's brain by dropping giant headphones on its head and blasting it with white noise.

The final proposed solution comes from Japan's prime minister: drop a nuke on it. Everyone acts all shocked - Japan is the last country that would ever suggest such a thing! But then Japan's Prime Minister Ibe (as opposed to the real Abe) rips off his face and reveals that he was Kim Jong Il in a mask this whole time, and that this whole thing was his fiendish plot.

And that moment - which might have been the goofiest part of this very, very goofy movie - actually spooked me a little, because it reminded me of the Seth Rogen movie The Interview, and how that lead to such an intense international incident. I couldn't help but think: what if Kim Jong Il had taken as much offense at this movie as his son had taken at the Interview? What would he have done to Japan? Would this movie have been worth it?

Of course, Kim Jong Il didn't respond to this movie. Which is as it should be; Monster X Strikes Back is a silly little trifle, and it isn't worth causing a showdown between sovreign states. But then again, the Interview also wasn't serious enough to merit the hostile response it got.

So I guess I have two conclusions. One: Monster X was pretty fun. And Two: the farther we get from Interview-Gate the more surreal and inexplicable it gets. At one point the sitting President of the United States was investigating what sort of cyber-attacks he should lob at a hostile foreign power because a Canadian stoner got too ambitious about what type of dick jokes he wanted to tell. I mean: WTF?

Winner: Me

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